View from home
Austad/Fjell Norsk


Here is a real time picture from the my house. The picture is taken from a webcam. It is updated each minute.

You can click the picture to get a larger image. Click on the bottom right on the zoomed image to go back to normal view.

The picture is taken from my window.


If you don't get the whole image, it usually helps to refresh the page (F5).

Time-lapse videos: From 01/18/2023 I have started making time-lapse videos per day and per month. You can select a month, and get all the day videos for the month. Then you can click the thumbnail to play it. Each day video is made at the end of the day. You can also select a year, and get all the month videos for the year. The month videos are also made by the end of each day, and contains the start of the month to now. The month videos are played 4 times as fast as the day videos.

You can click anywhere on the thumbnail to play the video. Go back by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

Day video. Select month.

Month video. Select year.


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