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Change log Norsk


04/13/2023:    Added a page for Elevation Charts in New York City Marathon.

04/06/2023:    Added a page that explains why I run New York City Marathon every year.

01/30/2023:    Added time-lapse videos on the webcam page.

10/12/2022:    Made all the weather pages Mobile Friendly..

04/17/2022:    Made all the New York City Marathon pages Mobile Friendly..

04/08/2022:    Adapted to the new file-format from YR, so the 10-day forecast is working again.

05/29/2019:    Changed to SSL.

01/25/2019:    Snow depth is working again from today.

12/10/2018:    Snow depth and web cam is not available after the move.

12/05/2018:    Moved the weather station to Austad/Fjell and updated the pages.

03/31/2018:    New layout. Separated the weather pages and the Marathon pages.

02/21/2016:    New page showing a graphical presentation of the snowdepth for a season.

02/11/2016:    New HTML5-based main page.

01/15/2016:    New web-cam on the front side of the house. It has better resolution than the old web-cam.

06/19/2015:    You can now watch time-lapse videos of the last year in addition to the last 24 hours and the last 30 days from both my web-cams!

05/04/2015:    A NEW page with the average weather for each day in the year since I started my weather station.

01/27/2015:    You can now watch time-lapse videos of the last 24 hours and the last 30 days from both my web-cams!

11/17/2014:    Updated the New York City Marathon pages to the 2015 Marathon.

05/16/2014:    Updated the page with my own forecast (new look).

06/22/2013:    Installed new web cam.

05/01/2013:    Added a new course video on the New York City Marathon page.

01/24/2013:    A new main page for browsers without Flash support.

06/21/2012:    The mobile page shows a new app for Android.

04/09/2012:    Page for comparing my own forecast with

12/23/2011:    New page with forecast based on data from MY station.

12/16/2011:    The page for Nordic Weather Network is completely re-written.

10/24/2011:    Added a page for the New York City Marathon.

02/27/2011:    New pages showing temperature, precipitation and snow depth for every day in a year in ONE page.

12/24/2010:    The page for the weather in Europe now also show the weather in all the world.

12/09/2010:    My mobile pages now support both iPhone, iPad and Android.

05/10/2010:    New graphical 10-day probability forecast.

02/09/2010:    New version of the iPhone / iPod application with records and more.

02/05/2010:    New version of the page "Nordic Weather Network".

01/26/2010:    New page showing monthly trends for temperature and precipitation.

01/19/2010:    New application for iPhone / iPod with many weather details, graphs, weather forecast and much more.

01/02/2010:    New pages for iPhone / iPod.

07/11/2009:    New version of the page "Nordic Weather Network".

05/02/2009:    Installed a new webcam. It is shown under the menu "Webcam".

03/13/2009:    Added page to show the huge snow amounts in Drammen.

02/12/2009:    Added information about the length of the day on the main page.

01/26/2009:    Changed to winter picture of my house on top of each page.

01/23/2009:    Changed the page Nordic Weather Stations to use Google Maps.

01/01/2009:    Added new statistical information in the menus "Weather statistics" and "Daily weather statistics".

12/02/2008:    New information on the Main page: Snow depth.

12/01/2008:    New page for current weather on iPhone / iPod.

10/30/2008:    New design for the Nordic Weather Network pages.

09/15/2008:    Installed a heater in the rain collector so that snow will melt and be measured as precepitation.

08/21/2008:    Added page with Nordic Weather Network.

08/20/2008:    Added page with detailed daily historical weather statistics.

08/13/2008:    Added monthly rain for January to April.

08/12/2008:    Added a new page to show the weather in Europe the last 24 hours.

08/12/2008:    Changed the radar page from showing south-east Norway to south Norway.

07/04/2008:    Added much new statistical information on the page Weather statistics.

07/02/2008:    Changed hit counter. The new counter gives me more statistics. It starts counting where the old one stopped.

06/04/2008:    Added new page for change log (this page).

06/03/2008:    Changed the temperature graph on the main page to show the max- and min-temperature for the last 31 days.

06/02/2008:    Changed the pictures of my house on the page "Herre I am" and added 2 new pictures. There are now images from north, south, east and west.

05/17/2008:    Added page for detailed weather statistics (menu Weather statistics).

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