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I have now added time-lapse videos on the webcam page!

I have made the pages mobile friendly so they are easier to see on mobile devices. Some tables and graphs are so large that you must scroll horisontaly.

This is a weather station that I have at home in Austad/Fjell, Drammen. The station was moved from Konnerud 12/05/18. In the statistics I compare with data from Konnerud previous to that date!

Use the menu to the left. There you can see information about the weather station, where it is located, pictures from Konnerud wherethe pictures are updated with one minute interval, weather forecast for the coming days, statistics and much more.

Please write in the guest book and tell me what you think about this site. You can also ask questions there, and I will try to answer. If you don't want others to see your questions, you can send me an e-mail.

The live weather is updated each 30. seconds. It started logging data April 10. 2008. That means that monthly statistics for January-April and yearly statistics for for 2008 is not complete. I have however entered rain for each month from January to March and adjusted the total for April.. I have also adjusted the yearly total.. The source of figures that I have entered is The Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

I have now changed the page so it's not Flash-based. It now works on mobile devices. You can move the mouse over or click most gauges to see a graph of recent history. Please comment in the guest book or send me an email where you tell me what you think of the changes. I still have a page with the old Flash-based view. You find it here.

The day is 11 hours 36 minutes longer than at winter solstice, 1 hour 12 minutes shorter than at summer solstice. It is 4 minutes longer than yesterday.

Sun: Rises 04:29. Sets 22:03. Moon: Rises 19:52. Sets 03:32. Age: 13 days, 0 hours, 18 minutes, 97%.

The maximum temperature for today one year ago was 73.0°F. The minimum temperature was 45.1°F.


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